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Linde and Family:  Accounts Payable
The grand-kids have changed many things. John and Linde are so very proud of their daughter, son-in-law, and grand babies.  Linde is still involved with promoting the business, and maintaining the accounts payable end of the office.  And she is just a "text" away from consulting with her associate and her crew Captain.  
Jennifer Nuncio-Epperly and Oscar Nuncio
Jen is the ultimate associate for Linde.  She does all the initial contact, estimating, scheduling, and promoting.  Having run her own renovation business for over 7 years, Jen knows how to "get the job done." 
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Committed to a professional service for each and every customer, each and every time.
 In 1988 John A. Breault established this window cleaning business in the Fox River Valley to  meet the need for clean windows in all residences and businesses. He gathered a respectful crew driven to do a timely, detailed, complete job every time.  In 2004, John retired and now Jennifer Epperly and Oscar Nuncio have partnered with Linde Monnett Breault.  Our crew maintains the attitude of getting in and out so quietly and efficiently that you will hardly know they've been there --Except--Your windows are "sparkling clean!"